Types of Grass

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Zoysia Grass

Zoysia sod is one of the best types of grass to be cultivated for a residential lawn and landscaping purposes. When well maintained, Zoysia grass will continue to thrive throughout the year. Zoysia is also drought-resistant which makes this type of grass especially desirable in certain areas where water usage restrictions have been imposed.

Zoysia grass is particularly used in shaded areas where other types of grass like Bermuda struggles to grow effectively. Common areas that Zoysia is installed is under trees where sunlight is limited. Tree trimming can also help to allow more sunlight through for the new sod grass to grow.

Common reasons for homeowners to use Zoysia are because it requires little maintenance, including fertilizing and mowing, once established. Zoysia has a very deep root system that helps it thrive with infrequent watering. Zoysia is often used as lawns around homes and buildings. As a low maintenance grass, homeowners prefer to choose Zoysia when they have little time to spend on lawn care.

St Augustine Grass

St Augustine sod grass is a warm-season perennial grass that can grow in tropical and sub-tropical climates. It has a robust root system and self-repairing stolons. St Augustine sod grass also tolerates poor soil quality and some shade, making it an inexpensive option for homeowners who want to replace their lawn with something low maintenance.

Homeowners looking into St Augustine sod grass should plan on installing it during the warm summer season, as St Augustine grass needs warmer temperatures to thrive.

St Augustine sod typically requires full sun exposure but can be grown with limited exposure. St Augustine sod grass also prefers moist soil conditions and occasional fertilizing.

St Augustine grass has many benefits for homeowners who want a low-maintenance form of landscaping.

Bermuda Grass

Bermuda grass is a type of turf grass that is most commonly used throughout the United States. It has many benefits including drought resistance and tolerates high levels of traffic. For this reason it is used on sports fields and other areas with heavy foot traffic.

This type of turfgrass thrives in full sun exposure as opposed to shaded areas like under trees. Bermuda sod grass requires some level of maintenance to ensure it grows successfully.

Bermuda sod is typically the inexpensive option when laying sod grass for a home or commercial project. Most landscapers like to install Bermuda sod because of this very reason.

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